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Where was the roulette game invented?



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Roulette All Around Your Head; The Addiction

It keeps on spinning and spinning and finally the number is being called out, but it is not yours and you did not win. You try and try again until at least one of your bets come out and finally the zero that you bet on comes and you rejoice about your first Roulette win of the night, although you have been playing fifty rounds already. This scenario could be a perfect indicator for Roulette addiction, but what are other signs of Roulette addiction that you can identify yourself with?

The first sign of a Roulette addict is that you find everything round and everything that has the ability to spin very attractive. You even customized your car rims so that they spin and you took it further, by adding little black and red numbers. You like electric fans, all types of balls, plates, steering wheels, hoops and bracelets. All of these things should be in your favorite color black or red. You also start to paint your finger nails and toe nails black and red alternately.

Another sign of Roulette addiction is that it takes you hours to get dressed before the actual game. No matter how much you are already urging to play, you have to make sure that you are dead drop gorgeous so that the dealer might be distracted by your attractiveness. This outfit includes feather boas, extra high heels and hats for men.

Once you are at the table, your Roulette addiction can unfold in many different ways; you either bet everything on one number, bet on every number on the Roulette wheel, bet on many numbers at the same time or you bet once each round and savor the moment with a brandy. No matter how long you play, you always lose a little fortune in doing so. Sometimes you lose $100 sometimes $10,000 and sometimes more. You are absolutely not capable of going a Roulette round without placing a bet and that is how you lose.

You are truly a Roulette addict if you have to insist on kissing the Roulette ball before it is being thrown into the Roulette wheel pit. You make a scene and you tell everybody what you will do with the money you might win in the next Round. You love the feeling of pushing your chips onto the felt Roulette table and you love to buy everybody a drink to let them know that you are the sole winner at the Roulette table.

Roulette addiction has indeed a lot to do with ego and less with the money, because only those who have a lot of it are even able to play for a long time. If you find any of these symptoms applying to you, better step down a notch or buy more free drinks, because it is all not as bad as it seems.

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