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Where was the roulette game invented?



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Spin Kingdom

Roulette is the most popular European gambling game ever, there is no person that lives in Europe and is not familiar with the greatest spinning game. The Roulette game was first invented in France a few centuries ago (some would say the 17th century) and hasn’t changed since. Monte Carlo that is placed in Monaco (the French Riviera) is well known to be world’s center of roulette spinning game. All over the country there are casinos that are mostly dedicated to spinning. From all over the globe people are coming to Monte Carlo in order to gamble their money in the most fun way – playing the Roulette.

But not everybody knows the basics of the roulette game, some people want to try the game, but they just lack the knowledge needed in order to play properly (and to win the entire pot).

So what is a roulette game and how to I play it?

When playing the roulette spinning game in a casino house, it is usually a game for up to eight players. These players are playing roulette against a person that represents the casino house (that person is usually called “The Dealer”). The dealer is spinning the roulette wheel, and handling the player’s payouts and their wagers. If you are playing a European roulette version, then you will see 37 slots on the roulettes wheel, When 36 of them are numbers and 1 of them is a zero. If you are playing the USA you will see a roulette spinning wheel with 38 slots – because in that version there are two zeros.

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April 13, 2008

How does Roulette addiction manifest itself in people? Roulette addiction has clearly more to do with the ego in players than with the actual game and with the pockets full of money, who can complain?

Roulette Articles

The Social and Glamour Aspect of Roulette

August 03, 2007

Roulette is one of the most popular and prestigious casino games being played online or offline. Playing the game of roulette is not as hard as many people think it is.


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